G. H. Pember – Earth’s Earliest Ages


Three Classic Pember Titles,

  • Earth’s Earliest Ages
  • The Great Prophecies
  • Animals, Their Past and Future


Three works by the notable Plymouth Brethren author G. H. Pember.

Pember’s most notable work is Earth’s Earliest Ages which was written to defend the Bible against the onslaught of evolution and intellectualism which became rampant during the late 19th century. Pember wrote in the preface to the first edition his purpose was:

“To remove some of the Geological and other difficulties usually associated with the commencing chapters of Genesis” and “to show the characteristic features of the Days of Noah were reappearing in Christendom, and therefore, that the Days of the Son of Man could not be far distant.”

Along with this influential work, which is still in print, are his works,

The Great Prophecies and
Animals, Their Past and Future

The latter is an interesting work and one of the very few dealing with the “immortality of animals.” Pember contends that animals may be resurrected and even be able to speak in the redeemed earth and New Jerusalem.

Regardless of what one may believe about the “spirit” and “soul” of animals, Pember brings up some interesting points.

All three titles are compiled as an anthology in a single ebook which can be downloaded in any or all of these formats:

  • Kindle (.mobi)
  • iPad/Nook/Google (.epub)