Clarence Larkin – Six Excellent Books


Over 1100 Pages Total — 340 Charts & Images Included!

  • Dispensational Truth
  • Rightly Dividing the Word
  • The Book of Revelation
  • The Book of Daniel
  • The Spirit World
  • The Second Coming


The books and charts by Clarence Larkin have been extremely helpful to Christians since they were first published over 85 years ago. They have passed into the public domain and we are making his material available as an aid to Bible study. Larkin’s books and charts are well thought out and Scriptually sound. Some of the more detailed charts are books in themselves. They reveal Larkin’s vast knowledge of the Scriptures and phenomenal grasp of prophecy.

All downloads contain the following Larkin titles in their entirety including all charts and images:

  • Dispensational Truth
    Larkin’s Greatest Work; “A Theological Education in One Volume.”
    350 pages plus 110 charts and images
  • Rightly Dividing The Word
    Like an abridged Dispensational Truth.
    328 pages plus 65 charts and images
  • The Spirit World
    Larkin’s Treatis on the Spirit World
    158 pages plus 45 charts and images
  • The Book of Revelation
    Larkin’s Revealing Commentary on Revelation
    233 pages plus 75 charts and images
  • The Second Coming of Christ
    Larkin’s Concise Treatment of the Second Advent
    60 pages plus 25 charts and images
  • The Book of Daniel
    Larkin’s Detailed Exposition of Daniel
    200 pages plus 9 charts and images

All books are combined in a single eBook file for convenience and are also available as a module for Bible Analyzer software.

Furthermore, the books are also available as an HTML eBook designed for offline viewing. The HTML ebooks utilize our PopVerse feature which causes a Bible passage to display in a custom “tooltip” when the cursor is over a reference. Also, a dedicated Bible panel on the right will display any Bible reference that is clicked in the context of its chapter.

In short, the Larkin Books are available in the following formats. Any or all files can be downloaded with just one purchase.

  • Kindle (.mobi)
  • iPad/Nook/Google (.epub)
  • HTML eBook for Offline Viewing (.zip file that must be extracted to your hard drive)

To view samples of the eBooks, click a link below.


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